Voice Over

Creative. Versatile. Youthful. Warm.

We know. Every man and his dog’s doing voiceovers these days, aren’t they? Along with podcasts and YouTube channels, they’re pretty much ten-a-penny.

But only a select few of these people know how to do it well. Only a select few know how to look at a script and immediately know the tone, tempo and timbre required to turn it into a great read. Only a select few will instinctively analyse the copy and be able to tell juuust how long it’ll take to say; how much special sauce needs adding, and just where to add it.

Pete is one of those saucy people. King sauce, you could say. But please don’t shout that at him on the street or he’ll run away and possibly call the police.

From commercials to narrations, from deep and serious reads through to down-to-Earth, neighbourly styles, he’s done them all. He can even sound like a tired dad who’s fast approaching middle-age and becoming increasingly annoyed that the living room is messy again; he’s getting quite good at that one. Specialising in the comedic, engaging and conversational, his reassuring, warm and friendly neutral Northern tones make for a genuine and believable performance of top-notch quality. Put simply, he’s the walking definition of the Google search term “Northern Male Voiceover”.

From his own purpose-built studio in deepest darkest South London, he’s available to do live directed sessions via SourceConnect or CleanFeed, can deliver self-directed takes via MP3/WAV in a matter of hours – or if you really wanted to push the boat out, you could book him in for a session in one of those trendy Soho studios where they make fancy tea and have bowls of fruit in every room. Whatever you want, really. You’re the one with the money.

You can take a listen to his work via the links on the right – or to request a quote or custom demo, just give him a holler.