Pete Nottage is a voice over, presenter and writer - and one of the UK's foremost experts in telling you that the news is next.

Over the last twenty years, he has become one of the most recognised voices in the country. He has written, voiced, recorded and broadcast thousands of hours of content across TV, radio and online for clients as varied as Peugeot, QVC, Manchester United and Noel Gallagher. He was one of the launch voices for the television channels More4 and 4Seven, introduced the television coverage of the London 2012 Paralympics and spent a decade as the station voice for BBC Radio 6Music.

His work as a Channel 4 announcer has consistently made headlines. He allowed his five-year-old to gatecrash an announcement, spent several months deliberately mispronouncing The Simpsons and most recently gained national plaudits for saying the phrase “…and Matt Hancock”.

His voiceover work stretches across multiple genres. From the comfort of his studio, he has voiced hundreds of commercials, explainer videos and promotional trailers, narrated enough brand case studies to satisfy anyone’s KPI and has learned how to pronounce more obscure medical words for eLearning modules than he cares to remember. He’s even been the voice of the Earth at the Science Museum. True story. He was opened by Prince Charles – and yes, we think that line sounds a bit rude too.

An experienced presenter, Pete has hosted multiple projects that have helped pay his mortgage. He drove across the world presenting content for Smart car, launched online promotional campaigns for Sony Ericsson and was part of the opening presenter lineup for StaffPad Radio.

He also creates online content. His Malcolm Tucker/Doctor Who mash-up video was featured on UK TV and in worldwide press, resulting in what all the experts agree was a ‘metric shit-tonne’ of views. His campaign against the low-balling of fees on the platform Fiverr was shared between members of the worldwide voiceover community and garnered favourable column inches in The Mirror, and his short-form web series The Curious Man’s Guide received very nice reviews although that was admittedly quite a while ago and we can’t find links to any of them any more so you’ll just have to trust us on that.

Outside of talking into a microphone, he has helped train others in the craft as well. He regularly advises on understanding the value of work, has provided online training in broadcasting as part of work experience programmes and has collaborated with Equity’s Audio Working Party, suggesting methods in how to work towards a fairer and more equitable system of remuneration for voicing radio commercials. It involved an awful lot of spreadsheets and yes, was pretty much exactly as tedious rewarding an experience as it sounds.

He has written continuity scripts for Jimmy Carr and Matt Berry, helped spearhead creative collaborations between broadcasters and brands and has created, scripted and produced immersive Channel 4 radio and Spotify campaigns.

He has spoken about his work at the acclaimed One Voice Conference and appeared on industry podcasts such as the Voiceover Social, the Media Podcast, Gravy For The Brain and Excellent Talent – and his work has helped win many BAFTA Craft and Sony Radio awards. Would it be a stretch to say that makes him an award-winner in his own right? Probably. Are we going to say it anyway? Of course we are.

In his spare time he shouts at ducks.

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